International children`s day – equal rights for all

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In 1989, the United Nations issued the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). The convention details the fundamental values of interacting with children from all social, cultural, ethnic or religious backgrounds.

29 years ago, it was decided in an internationally binding treaty that the well-being of children should not be dependent upon the moral values and goodwill of the parents as well as the society into which they were born. By signing this convention, the states committed themselves to do everything in their power to offer children humane conditions of living.

The right to life and development
The well-being of the children should not only take precedence within the family, but in society too. Furthermore, the children should be supported in their development, following our guiding principle "Education. Opportunities. Future.". This not only includes protecting them from abuse and exploitations, but also providing them with medical care as well as access to education.

Between desire and reality
Unfortunately, not all countries signed the convention. Some are plagued by wars, others by poor economic conditions and cannot guarantee medical care or access to education for all children on account of a shortage of qualified personnel, lack of financial resources or because children have to work to support the family income.
Across the globe there are still 58 million children who do not attend school. This corresponds to 9 percent of all children who are of a primary school age. The dropout rate also increases with every school year and the quality of education is also rather poor as 38% of all primary school children do not have the base skills in reading, writing or mathematics.
Source: UNICEF (

Education for a better coexistence and more prosperity
If we invest in a child's education, we pave the way for greater prosperity, autonomy and inclusion, not only for the child itself but also for society and the economy. With every year a child attends, his future potential income increases by 10 percent. Furthermore, we are moulding the next generation of parents and leaders. If these children are raised in a safe and loving environment and can enjoy a good education, they will later be able to better guide future generations.
Source: UNICEF

Support for underprivileged children
With the help of our school projects in Honduras, Nigeria, India and the Philippines we would like to grant underprivileged children access to an education. The quality of education is also extremely important to us. We are therefore delighted that we can count on a great and highly motivated team of teachers at our very own school in Honduras and that the parents too are integrated into the school life. This increases the parents' willingness to regularly send their children to school which again increases the likelihood that the children will complete their studies. We are so proud to announce that the very first class at Escuela Lyoness in Honduras will soon be graduating.

Help us help others!
Our work would not be possible without the support of those who have realised that our world will only become a better place if all are well and can take on the responsibility for ourselves. Until then, children in many corners of the earth still rely on our support.
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Equal rights for all children

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International children`s day – equal rights for all

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