Dhara Children Academy, India

Teaser Photo The Dhara Children Academy grants children in India what they would otherwise lack: an education.
In the course of the Child and Family Foundation's new school project, the school will be renovated and supported in its daily operation.

Project Description

Education in India? A matter of price and caste.

The right to an education is an invaluable cultural human right. Many countries cannot grant each child access to an education on the grounds of the educational-political situation. In India, for example, most educational institutions are private and extremely expensive. The few government-funded schools are somewhat cheaper but are so overcrowded that only one percent of all children starting school are accepted. Without an education, the children are forced into child labour. Thus, a legally determined human right merely remains a forlorn hope.

Education for everyone – despite caste.

The Dhara Children Academy (DCA) is situated in Thakurdwara in northern India and has a very special significance in the country's educational system. The school currently teaches 130 children, irrespective of their religion, gender or caste – which is a very unique aproach in India. Orphans and children from the street also attend the school and are thereby given the chance for a better future. As a school that accepts students irrespective of caste, the DCA is an extremely important institution, in particular, as attendance is free of charge.
Due to the unique and free of charge educational concept, it is all the more important to maintain this educational institution and to offer long-term support.

Joining forces to secure the school's operation

The Austrian association "Dhara: The Poor Child Education Support" pursues the same goal as the Child & Family Foundation and is dedicated to granting children in India access to an education. Together with the association, the Child & Family Foundation supports the DCA within the framework of an ambitious school project. A focus of the Child and Family Foundation's commitment lies on securing the school's operation and supporting the school in the long term, even after the renovation works have been concluded, thus granting even more children with an education.

Renovation of the school building

The comprehensive project will commence with the renovation works of the school building. The holes in the classrooms will be replaced with proper windows, preventing winter's cold air and summer's sizzling heat from entering into the schoolrooms. . The electric cables will also be renewed, the walls will be renovated, the buildings's exterior as well as classrooms will receive a new lick of paint and new furniture will be procured.

Thanks to the heating system, there will be education in winter

A burning issue has already been solved from our partner, the Greenfinity Foundation: continuous power outages have been put to end by installing a photovoltaic system.

In the next step the Child & Family Foundations wants to ensure that classes can take place even during cold temperatures. Up until now, the school's gates remained closed when temperatures were between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius. Therefore, a heating system will be installed.
Thanks to the Child and Family Foundation, the learning environment for the students at the DCA will be significantly improved and they will soon be able to learn in a warm and welcoming building.

Project Goals

Renovation existing schoolbuilding for children and adolescents in need.
Enabling access to education, raising the quality of life and increasing the opportunities of the beneficiaries on the labour market, helping people help themselves, a lasting improvement of the living situation and creation of additional jobs.

Concrete Implementation

Renovation existing schoolbuilding

Project Title

Renovating and supporting the Dhara Children Academy

Project Location

Thakurdwara, India

Project Period

Start: August 2018
Finish: December 2018


120 children and adolescents in need

Project Partner

Dhara PCES Unterstützung für Kinder in Indien (Austria)
Dhara Poor Child Education Support Society (India)