Give the gift of education

Teaser Photo Christmas is a time of giving. The tradition of present-giving brings a little joy to the lives of your nearest and dearest and demonstrates your love and affection for them. Let's show people, who haven't been so lucky in life that they are in our thoughts and that we want to bring some joy to their lives! DONATE NOW!

Project Description

Christmas isn't celebrated all over the world, however the festival's traditions and symbolic figures, Father Christmas and the Christ child, are world-renowned. In many families, Christmas has ceased to be a religious festival and has become more of a celebration of tradition, which stands for family values and for the concepts of togetherness and love.

The feast of love and giving
At Christmas time, obviously you want to treat your nearest and dearest to a gift and express your affection for them. However, as living standards are generally on the rise, so is the quantity and value of the Christmas presents, which people give and receive. Sometimes you get the feeling that its all about the presents and that the meaning behind them has been lost.

No presents sitting under the Christmas tree
Unfortunately, there are still people in the world who have not been so lucky in life and who are not as fortunate as us. These people live in children's homes, refugee camps or impoverished city suburbs. They don't have any close family members or friends, with whom they can safely spend the Christmas period. These people struggle on a daily basis to be able to afford even the most basic things. They can only dream about having presents under their Christmas tree.

No chance of a better life
But it is precisely these people who have a right to enjoy themselves and have earned themselves a Christmas present. Many of the underprivileged people worldwide were simply unlucky: they were born into broken homes or grew up in impoverished, underdeveloped regions with access to few resources. Despite the fact that they might want to build a better life for themselves, they simply didn't get a chance to.

Share some Christmas spirit with your fellow man

Let's show underprivileged people that they are not alone this Christmas. Let's make the festive season a time to be charitable and then we can integrate these new values on our everyday lives!
Education is the only way out of the poverty cycle
Without a school education, children in underdeveloped regions are unable to break out of the vicious poverty cycle. Only those who receive a solid education, can learn a trade, escape the vicous poverty cycle and build a life for themselves.

Your gift of a better future
You can help too! Give underprivileged families a ray of hope: that one day their children will be able to take their future into their own hands. Give someone the best present they could wish to receive: an education.

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Give the gift of education. Give the gift of a future.

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A better future starts with your gift. Give someone the gift of education! Give someone a future!

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christmas 2018