Angel for a Day- Slovenia

Teaser Photo Many children could only dream of experiencing the noble Lipizzaners up close. Lyconet Marketer, Matjaz Kenda, wanted to make this dream come true for the disabled children as part of his "Angel for a Day" campaign.

Project Description

A huge surprise awaited the 18 disabled children and teenagers, cared for by the Slovenian Red Cross, on 1st December 2018: They were allowed to pay the Lipizzaners a visit.

This exciting "Angel for a Day" campaign, which has been initiated by Matjaz Kenda, got off to good start: the children breakfasted on a croissant and a cup of hot chocolate in Bar Clinton. Fuelled and ready to go, they set off for the Lipizzaner stud farm in Sežana.

The children were given a tour of the stud farm and were treated to a Lipizzaner show where they witnessed some of the most impressive tricks which the animals were capable of performing. The children enjoyed the carriage rides afterwards very much indeed.

Before lunch, the little ones visited a hunter lodge in Divaća – yet another surprise to put their eyes on stalks. The Loyalty Merchant, Bistecca, sponsored the lunch for the children before they got going with the afternoon's activities. They had put on face painting, body painting, dance music and workshops on the topic of "How to make learning easier" specially for the children. At the end of the day, the children received a practical gift: Each child was given a school satchel which was full of practical little gifts.

Project Goals

Disabled children, looked after by the Slovenian Red Cross, experience an extraordinary day and this offers them an exclusive opportunity to distract themselves from their everyday worries.

Project Title

Paying the Lipizzaners a visit

Project Location


Project Period



18 disabled children and teenagers, who are in the care of the Slovenian Red Cross

Project Partner

Lyconet Marketer, Matjaz Kenda