Angel for a Day- Riga

Teaser Photo 17 children with impaired hearing were able to experience a spectacular day in the great outdoors on 21st August 2018 - thanks to myWorld Latvia and a group of volunteers.

Project Description

myWorld Latvia and the organisation "Rīgas internātvidusskola bērniem ar dzirdes traucējumiem", which provides the children with impaired hearing an ideal learning environment and supports them in stepping onto the career ladder, have started a fantastic campaign.

On the 21th August 2018, they make it possible for 17 children with impaired hearing, aged between 6 and 18, to go on a trip to the seaside where the Platu 25 Yacht Championship was taking place. This spectacular event was organised by a Loyalty Merchant of the international Shopping Community, Cashback World. The children were not only impressed by the yachts but also enjoyed learning how to tie sailing knots and found out some interesting facts about sailing.

The exciting world of the bees
Whilst visiting the leisure park, Laumas, the children and teenagers gained a deeper insight into the world of bees. The children learnt all about how to breed a bee colony, pollination and what a beekeeper has to do. The children were allowed to visit a bee trail and learn how to make beeswax candles.

Finally, they got busy in the kitchen and learnt how to make pancakes and, naturally, there was plenty of product quality tasting involved!

All in all, the children and teenagers with impaired hearing were able to enjoy an unforgettable day in the great outdoors which will stay with them for some time to come.

Project Goals

Children and teenagers with impaired hearing were able to enjoy a lovely day in the great outdoors to distract them from their everday worries

Project Title

On the trail of seamen and bees

Project Location

Riga, Latvia

Project Period



17 children and young people with impaired hearing, aged between 6 and 18

Project Partner

myWorld Latvia
„Rīgas internātvidusskola bērniem ar dzirdes traucējumiem“